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PostSubject: A CHRISTMAS STORY   Fri 12 Dec - 17:09

Here is a little story about Stellan and Christmas:

Stellan is afraid of the Christmas time, because he has to spend the days alone in his old house. His wife has left him and the kids are already living their own lifes. He was thinking that they maybe would come with their families to celebrate Christmas together, but they are living in so different regions that this would be impossible. After spending the day outside in the woods he was thinking if he could do something to help other people. But he canīt imagine what that could be. It was already 4 PM when he got home and cooked some potatoes and meat for dinner, when he had the great idea: "I can go to the city and help the salvation army to give food to the poor people. Yes, I will do that." He left his house again and after a walk of 30 minutes he reached the shelter-house and said that he would like to help. They were lucky because itīs much work to do and they could use every helping hand. Stellan felt good to to do something instead of sitting alone his his old house. Later, one of the homeless people asked Stellan if he could have this sweater he was wearing. Stellan was confused: "But itīs my favorite sweater." Then he was thinking that he could buy lots of sweaters and this old man doesnīt have one. So he gave it to him.
When he walked home again some hours later he felt that he has helped some people and that it was a real good deed he had done.

A nice Christmas to all of you...
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PostSubject: Re: A CHRISTMAS STORY   Thu 25 Dec - 12:45

santa Hej Sabrina,

I like your Christmas story very much because it reminds us of the real sense of Christmas. Very Happy

santa Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! rendeer
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PostSubject: Re: A CHRISTMAS STORY   Tue 24 Nov - 9:45

Thanks for this story! it reminded me my childhood...
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PostSubject: Re: A CHRISTMAS STORY   

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